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New Beauty Haul: product review

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First of all can I sincerely apologise for my lack of posts recently, I've probably missed this more than you! (I've been very busy with exam prep lately) - As of June 18th I will be returning to full time blogging, yay!

Around a month ago I treated myself to multiple products I had wanted for quite a while, and now I've have chance to give them a thorough testing, I shall give you my verdict!

Chanel's 'Rouge Coco ultra hydrating lip colour' in 416 coco

Chanel's newest lipstick was covered in many magazines, with articles about it, bloggers testing it, 

and of course editorial ad campaigns running up to it's big release in March. I have to say, when I read about it's hydrating formula I was VERY excited to try it out. When I finally managed to get my hands on one in store, early April, I was spoilt for choice from their wide range of colours, and I loved the feel of it when the assistant tried it on me. But upon wearing it after purchasing, I found it came off pretty easily. Something I find important in lipsticks is staying power, and this is something this lipstick lacks. It feels nice on initially, but the hydrating properties fade fast, along with the colour. It's very high maintenance, even when applied properly with the Chanel lipliner, and I find I have to touch it up constantly to avoid the embarrassment of having a patchy colour. I admit though I do adore the colour, in the shade 'coco' it is a sheer cool orange-red, a very on-trend colour, and it's sheerness making it easier to apply such a bright colour. But for a hefty £26 along with £17.50 for the liner (which makes it easier to apply the colour but certainly doesn't improve it's wear) I will not be buying this lipstick again. I'm afraid to say, unlike face of Rouge coco Keira Knightley, I do NOT love coco. I still haven't found another lipstick as good as Dior Rouge, see my review here

Chanel le Crayon lèvres precision lip definer
This all-in-one lipliner is perfect for on-the-go lips, with a soft, hydrating and sheer colour when applied all over, and a nifty brush on the other end to apply lipstick and blend, it makes lipstick application super easy. It also comes with a nice little pencil sharpener to keep the pencil perfectly defined. But the downside to this handy but expensive (£17.50) liner is that it doesn't make lipstick last any longer. I judge staying power by how much I can eat or drink before it budges, good being a whole meal and bad being half a drink. Let's just say this is on the bad end of the scale, and I feel inclined to avoid drinking as much.

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter

When I first applied this my reaction was 'oh no what have I done', I didn't quite expect it to completely rub my foundation off. After a few practice attempts (this was my first highlighter), I discovered that dabbing the stick on my face rather than dragging it was the best approach. When carefully dabbed on over foundation, it gives a natural dewy but matte glow (if that's possible). I love this on my cheekbones, above my lip, and in the corner of my eyes. It is the same colour and application as the well advertised £19 Clinique chubby stick highlighter, but for £9.95! This is definitely money well spent.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Perfume

I was quiet shocked when I first discovered this as a sample in a magazine; despite it's heavy, sensual, night-time wear appearance, this perfume is very light with a soft feminine floral smell that's perfect for everyday wear. I love it. This is definitely an example of 'don't judge a perfume by it's bottle' or in this case it's editorial advertisement as well. Bad branding here YSL, this is not a heavy, strong and bitter, occasion-wear perfume, but a light, floral, almost vanilla scent. Have a smell next time you see it in store, it's lovely.

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils
When I purchased my perfume, I got a free mini sample of this YSL black mascara. I don't normally wear black, I prefer the natural look of brown, but with this I feel I can wear it and still feel like I have naturally long looking lashes. It is completely lump-free and makes my lashes look full and long without looking fake. When this mini sample runs out I'm definitely buying the full sized version, of all the many mascaras I have tried over the years I think this is possibly the best.

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