Friday, 10 July 2015

Coffee Heaven Smoothie

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I was in London on Wednesday and found an amazing clean eating cafe in South Kensington called Roots and Bulbs; they sell amazing vegan cakes and brownies, pressed juices and incredible smoothies. ('The bee' smoothie is heavenly and the banana bread is the best thing I've tasted since becoming vegan). I was then inspired by their 'Smart Smoothie' to concoct this healthy cold latte/mocha, which, to my surprise (because it's usually a 50/50 chance whether my smoothies will taste good or not!), tasted as amazing as something I would expect from a professional coffee shop!
I think even non-coffee lovers would adore this, the sweetness makes it compare to coffee cake, which I adored even before I liked coffee.

Just blend all the ingredients together (I use the nutribullet) and chill in the fridge before drinking, or heat in a pan if you fancy it warm.

100ml Espresso Coffee (I turn the machine off before it tops the coffee up with water)
150ml any Plant Milk
1tsp Date Syrup / or 1 Date (but can turn out chunky in the smoothie)
1tsp Raw Cacao Powder
5 Walnut Halves
3 Slices Banana 

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