Saturday, 4 July 2015

Grilled Mushroom and Courgette Bagel Burger

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Now that the weather is getting hot, I really fancied something 'meaty', with a BBQ taste without the hassle of starting up the BBQ. I have to admit this is the most delicious hot sandwich I've ever tasted and it was so quick! I enjoyed it with a carrot and ginger juice for a fiery refresher in the heat. It's also great because you can alternate the vegetables to whatever you fancy, or to match what you've currently got in the fridge. Other great veggies for this sandwich include squash, aubergine, beef tomatoes, maybe peppers (but I don't like them so I wouldn't know) and steamed kale.

1 wholemeal/multigrain bagel
1 large flat mushroom
2 1cm thick slices of courgette (sliced from top to bottom, not horizontally)
Around 6 cherry tomatoes
1tbsp tahini
A refreshing drink like this carrot and ginger juice or my blackberry and ginger smoothie to serve!

Prepare all of the ingredients, then put a grill pan on a high heat and allow it to warm through and get nice and hot, adding in a little oil. Place the mushroom in the pan and press down with a spatula. Leave for 1 minute, then turn over and add the courgette slices and whole tomatoes to the pan. Once the courgettes start to brown and become slightly translucent, slice the bagel in half and place in the grill pan. Flip the mushroom over, then spoon the tahini on to the mushroom to melt into it, and don't flip it again. Once the bagel has toasted, assemble your burger, and top up with a handful of salad (I used rocket).

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